The original Palladium company was founded as early as 1920, making tyres for the aviation industry. Post war Palladium switched their expertise to the footwear market, using the hard wearing and durable vulcanised rubber from their tyres to create equally hardwearing footwear. 

In 1947 Palladium's Pampa Boot was born, and largely thanks to its functionality and comfort the Pampa Boots were soon adopted by the French Foreign Legion. Proving it to be a tough and durable boot as well as a light and comfortable one with great traction on all surfaces. Palladium claim to be the first canvas boot of its kind.

Now with over 60 years of experience, Palladium's popularity continues. Palladium boots and trainers are available in both Mens and Womens styles, from the famous Palladium Baggy boots to the updated Pampa Hi Top and the classic Oxford trainers- Palladium boots and trainers are here to stay!