Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens aka Doc MartensDocs or DMs are iconic boots - well known as a very comfortable and stylish boot. They appeal to people who have their own individual style and self-expression. Dr. Marten boots are unique because of their air-cushioned sole, soft leather, durability and quality. 

DMs were developed in 1945 by a German soldier who wanted to make his army boots more comfortable. British shoe manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd. bought patent rights to manufacture the shoes in the United Kingdom. Griggs anglicised the name, slightly re-shaped the heel to make them fit better, added the trademark yellow stitching, and trademarked the soles as AirWair. The first UK Dr Martens boot came out on April 1st 1960, style 1460 - still in production today. 

By the early 1970s, skinheads and Mods started wearing them, and by the late 1980s, they were popular among punks and members of other youth subcultures. They enjoyed a resurgence in 1990's as the New Mods and Indie fans adopted them as the footwear of choice. 

Today Dr Martens footwear can be bought in numerous styles of boots, shoes and sandals. They are worn by the rich and famous as well as the more ordinary and enjoy popularity throughout the world. Affordable, versatile, timeless—Dr. Martens has it all, which explains why the label consistently ranks among the top shoe brands trending on Google. 

At Repsycho we stock a range of vintage and used DMs in many styles, sandals are particularly popular and we even have a pair of boots adorned with scenes from a religious painting!